Frequently Asked Questions

What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a revolutionary model of health care in which patients pay their doctors directly for primary care services, instead of using insurance companies. With the elimination of the middle-man, there are fewer barriers to prevent you from getting the care that you need. Common patient frustrations such as double-booked appointments, long wait times and the inability to reach your doctor tend to disappear once the red tape is removed. The doctor is able to focus completely on the patient, rather than on paperwork. In addition, health care costs are reduced and patient satisfaction improves.  

How do I know it's for me?

This may be the practice for you if you:

  • Value convenient access to high quality care.
  • Care about your health
  • Embrace a holistic approach that includes lifestyle as well as traditional treatments
  • Value spending more time with your health care provider and convenient access when issues arise.
  • Reminisce about the days when patients had a trusting, open relationship with their doctor

Do you accept insurance?

Dr. Toussaint is an out-of-network provider for all insurance plans. Although the membership/visit fees are not covered by insurance, outside services such as prescriptions and lab tests can be billed to your insurance directly by pharmacies and lab facilities.

How do I join the practice?

Submit your contact information using the form below and we will get you set up. If you're not quite sure, then feel free to set up a free 15 minute meet and greet to help you decide if the practice meets your needs.


Why should I pay extra fees when I have insurance?

It's easy to become lost in a traditional primary care practice where physicians are burdened with large panels of patients and visits can feel rushed and de-personalized. The average doctor in a traditional practice has a panel size upward of 2000 patients whereas DPC practices are limited to a few hundred patients per doctor. Because this practice is small by-design, this translates to more personalized treatment with quicker access to care, when you need it.  

What if I want to cancel my membership?

No problem. Send us an email and we will process the cancelation for the upcoming month. We will work with you to transfer your records, if desired. Keep in mind, that if you do decide to rejoin us, you will be expected to pay the registration fee again.  

Should I still have health insurance?

A membership with us is not an insurance plan. Insurance is still recommended for prescription coverage, ER visits, lab and radiology tests, as well as visits to specialists. Some members who join DPCs opt for a high deductible health plan while receiving primary care at a DPC practice.  

Can my fees be reimbursed by insurance?

No. However, if you have an FSA plan, check with your human resource department to confirm you can submit your membership receipts for reimbursement. The law is currently unclear if HSA funds can be used for DPC membership fees. Consult with your tax consultant regarding the ability to use HSA funds for DPC membership fees.  

Can I join if I don't have insurance?

Uninsured patients may absolutely join the practice. It's still recommended that patients carry health insurance where possible, for major medical events.

Can the doctor order labs and prescriptions?

Yes. Labwork can be completed at your preferred lab facility, such as Quest or Labcorp. Prescriptions are electronically sent to your pharmacy of choice.  

What if I need to see a specialist?

If you require a consultant for specialty medical care, we will work closely with that specialist to refer and coordinate your care.