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Welcome to Anise Medical. We offer comprehensive primary health care services from an experienced, impassioned physician, all from the comfort of your home. Now accepting patients in the state of New York.

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What is Direct Primary Care?

Direct Primary Care (DPC) is a revolutionary model of health care in which patients pay their doctors directly for primary care services, instead of using insurance companies. With the elimination of the middle-man, there are fewer barriers to prevent you from getting the care that you need. Common patient frustrations such as double-booked appointments, long wait times and the inability to reach your doctor tend to disappear once the red tape is removed. The doctor is able to focus completely on the patient, rather than on paperwork. In addition, health care costs are reduced and patient satisfaction improves.  

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Monthly Membership Rates

Adult ages 25-64: $129/month

Child/Young adult 2-24: $59/month

Adult Couple: $200/month

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